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Green Electricity & Home Heating in ConnecticutCut Utility Bills in CT Renewable, Green Energy, Power Generation

Connecticut “Green Electricity” a Sustainable, Power Generation is NOW here for your Home!

Electrical freewatt® Systems are an alternative, renewable Green Energy Source for Home Heating and Electricity.  The Energy Savings will dramatically Cut Home Utility Bills.

DEPCO Comfort Solutions HVAC contractors we are specialized in Home Heating & Electrical freewatt® Eco-friendly Power Systems.

As a leading HVAC mechanical contractor in Connecticut, DEPCO Comfort provides energy efficient, eco-friendly, green products and equipment, throughout Connecticut.

The future of renewable, power generation in green electricity and
home heating are here
.  At DEPCO Comfort our HVAC contractors are certified
in Electric freewatt® Systems.

This state-of-the-art eco-friendly technology is an amazing alternative to
conventional home heating and electricity.  This power generation system works
with heat generation to provide sustainable, green energy to your home.  
The freewatt® system is a renewable energy source which greatly reduces
home utility bills.


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Power Generation with Freewatt® Systems

Using freewatt®’s proprietary equipment, this power generation system works with combined heat and power / cogeneration.  This economical, green electricity and home heating is now available for residential use for power generation in individual homes.

Save money, save energy and save the environment with a freewatt® Energy System!

“freewatt® is an advanced heating system that generates eco-friendly electricity while it is heating your home. The freewatt® system is Energy Star rated and its micro-CHP Is listed under the EPA as a Climate Choice technology rating. The freewatt® system will cut your utility costs and reduce harmful greenhouse gases. For more information on our freewatt® Energy Saving System” – ECR International Freewatt System

Learn more about ECR International’s state-of-the-art technology for home heating and electricity.

At DEPCO Comfort we offer many alternatives to conventional power with energy-efficient geothermal and now renewable green heating and electricityThe energy conservation with this eco-friend, sustainable green, home power generation source, will pay for itself in energy savings alone.

freewatt® power generation electricity and heating systems are very affordable – with payment plans available.  This sustainable, energy resource is not only an eco-friendly alternative power resource – it also provides clean, affordable, sustainable energy for years to come.

Talk with one of our (HVAC) freewatt® engineers to find how a freewatt® home heating and electrical system can be greatly reduce your energy costs!

DEPCO’s HVAC Heating and Cooling Services:

Certified licensed (HVAC) Engineers, highly skilled HVAC mechanical contractors servicing Connecticut with affordable, alternative energy resources.
• freewatt® System equipment developed by ECR International is a cost-effective alternative electric power generation source for your home.
Affordable freewatt® Systems are an economical, energy saving equipment for sustainable power generation, which will greatly reduce home utility bills
• Energy efficient heating & electrical systems for alternative home power generation.
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DEPCO Comfort providing Solutions for Home Heating, Green Home Heating and Electricity,
providing sustainable power in Connecticut

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