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Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems – Expert Geothermal Contractors in Connecticut

Geothermal Energy is a Cost Effective Renewable Green Energy Source

Geothermal systems are a cost effective heating and cooling alternative to fossil fuel, by utilizing a renewable green energy resource.  At DEPCO Comfort we are a leading geothermal contractor in Connecticut.

Geothermal heat exchange taps into the earth for a renewable, green energy resourceGeothermal energy is an environmentally safe and dependable heating and cooling system that provides consistent reliable indoor climate control.

Operating with state-of-the-art technology DEPCO Comfort uses an advanced eco-friendly process to access heat from the earth’s consistent ground temperature.
Geothermal Home Heating System, CT

A Geothermal System works with:

• Closed water-to-air and water-to-water systems
• Open water-to-air and water-to-water systems
• Ductwork leading into the building
• An advanced geothermal heat pump inside the building
(geothermal systems can run hot water and radiant heating systems)
• A programmable thermostat that controls the indoor temperature automatically
• Qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit.  DEPCO handles all paperwork

Geothermal heating and cooling is an environmentally responsible reliable energy source, which is cost efficient and quiet.  Providing a home with a safe heating and cooling energy option, that will greatly reduce utility bills.

Geothermal heating systems
are cost effective to install, operate and maintain. Return can be seen over a short period of time, with the energy savings from a geothermal system.  As the heating and cooling savings exceed the cost of installation and maintenance of a geothermal system.  

Making geothermal systems an affordable option for heating and cooling residential and commercial buildings, while reducing your annual heating and cooling operating costs. DEPCO Solutions provide geothermal heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repairs.

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today to find out how a geothermal system can save you up to 50% off home heating and cooling bills.

Our expert technician’s will perform an analysis and recommend the geothermal system that will meet your needs while offering the shortest payback period.

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