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Smart Maintenance Heating Plans

Oil Burner Service Replace nozzle, oil filter and pump strainer and turn oil burner for peak efficiency. 

Extended Oil Burner Service All features of Oil Burner Service plus full coverage of parts and labor for the oil burner. 

Full Protection Oil Service All the features of Extended Oil Burner Service plus parts and labor for all parts of a one zone wet or dry heating system less listed exclusions. 

Gas Service Wet or Dry Lubricate any moving parts as necessary. Adjust combustion for maximum operating efficiency. Check blower operation and adjust as necessary. Visually check heat exchange and zone damper operation.

Full Protection Gas Service Wet or Dry All the features for Gas Service plus full coverage of one zone heating system less exclusions. 

Add On Services
For extra protection, add the following to any Smart Maintenance Heating Service.

Oil Fired Water Heater Service with Oil Burner Service. 

Extended Oil Fired Water Heater Service with Extended Oil Burner Service.

Humidifier Service Clean drain pan and check operation. Check humidistat operation. Change humidifier pad.

Electronic Air Cleaner Service Check operation of unit. Clean cells. 

Hydro Coil Service Each zone or each additional zone. 

Additional Zones Each additional zone.


Smart Maintenance Air Conditioning Plans

Air Conditioning Service Lubricate all moving parts including bearings, blower motor and condenser fan motor. Install gauges and check operation pressures. Evaluate condition of air filters, clean or replace with disposable fiberglass filters. Check refrigerant charge and condensate for a clean drain to protect against overflow. Check outdoor condenser coil, evaporator coil and blower motor and adjust belt if applicable. Test “temperature drop” at return and supply. Test all controls for proper operation and for compressor contacts. Inspect capacitors and relays for bulges, rust and leaks. Tighten and safety check all wires and connections. Inform customer on condition of equipment and recommend repairs when necessary. 

Full Protection Air Service All features of Air Conditioning Service plus parts and labor for one zone cooling system less exclusions.

Geothermal Heat Pump / Heat Pump Service Same service as Air Conditioning for Spring Service. Fall: check auxiliary heat, crankcase heater and reversing valve operation. 

Full Protection Geothermal Service All features of Heat Pump Service plus parts and labor for one zone heat pump system less exclusions.

Component Exclusions

• Compressors, condenser evaporators coils and evaporator drain pan.
• Water heater storage tanks.
• Heat exchanger and heating coils.
• Zone damper and control panel.
• Glycol additive.

Under Smart Maintenance Full Protection, DEPCO will only provide labor to replace the above listed items if still covered by Manufacturer’s Warranty. Transportation costs will be paid by customer. Water circulating pump to be only Taco 007 model.