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Smart Maintenance Plumbing Plan

Minor plumbing leaks will eventually happen in any home. Our service reduces and eliminates unexpected costly repairs.

• Tag major water shut off valves.
• Check for signs of dripping water or mineral deposits.
• Tighten fittings, if necessary.
• Check water pressure.
• Faucet maintenance and testing.
• Check exposed water lines and sink pipes.
• Check washing machine hoses.
• Dye test toilets to check for internal leaks.



Smart Maintenance Electrical Plan

Periodic inspection of equipment is important to ensure that your investment will continue to function properly and is still fit for use.

• Inspect to current code status.
• Inspect and test all circuit breakers for proper operation. Re-torque all electrical connections.
• Perform current load test on each main feed line and balance load when required.
• Inspect and test smoke detectors and replace up to 5 batteries for free.
• Inspect and test electric receptacles for proper polarity, shorts and grounds.
• Inspect and test ground fault interrupt for safe shutdown operation.


Smart Maintenance Duct Cleaning Plans

Duct Cleaning Service Visually inspect and detect potential problems by cutting holes in strategic locations. Vacuum truck with 12,000 cfm capacity. Full sanitizing service is EPA and FDA approved disinfectant and deodorizer, which kills mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses, pollen and other contaminants. 

Add On Services
For extra protection, add the following to your Smart Maintenance Duct Cleaning Service.Additional Registers Each additional register.A-coil Cleaning Service Full cleaning of indoor AC coil per unit.Additional Units Each additional furnace or air handler.

Additional Registers
Each additional register.

A-coil Cleaning Service

Full cleaning of indoor AC coil per unit.

Additional Units

Each additional furnace or air handler.