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Why choose DEPCO geothermal?
Experience – DEPCO has a multi-year track record of installing geothermal systems for highly satisfied customers.  Expertise – DEPCO has earned certification from the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association and works only with certified design engineers on system design.  Integrity – After extensive, objective analysis, DEPCO will recommend the geothermal system that meets your needs precisely and offers the shortest payback period.

Is geothermal suitable for both existing and new construction?
Yes. DEPCO can retrofit an existing structure or install a system in a new structure.

How much will I save by installing a DEPCO Geothermal system?

That depends on the size and configuration of your house/facility, current or contemplated fuel source and more. Geothermal will pay for itself over time.

How do I know a particular system is right for me?
DEPCO will conduct a detailed analysis of your structure, and our certified consulting engineers will design the system that suits your unique needs.

Another company’s estimate was lower than DEPCO’s. Why is that?
Some installers propose inferior systems just to make a sale. DEPCO will propose only the system that meets your needs and provides the fastest payback.

What if there’s a problem after installation?
DEPCO is here for the long term, and we will not rest until your problem is resolved to your satisfaction.

What defines an Energy Star product?
Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient products originated in the United States.  Devices carrying the Energy Star logo buildings and other products, generally use 20%–30% less energy than required by federal standards.