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DEPCO Comfort’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) contractors in Connecticut,  know indoor air quality is more than just heating and cooling it is a matter of clean air and climate control throughout your home.

Home Ventilationheating and air conditioning systems all affect the air quality and proper ventilation of a building.  DEPCO Comfort’s expert HVAC contractors of Connecticut understand the importance of energy-efficient performance, home ventilation air flow, and indoor air quality.  We offer a variety of HVAC products and services for superior indoor air quality ventilation.


(HVAC) Indoor Air Quality,
Ventilation & Ductwork Needs

Whether updating your home to be energy-efficient and sustainable or you're building a new geothermal building, DEPCO Comfort carries a full line of technologically advanced HVAC products designed to be energy efficient and improve indoor air quality.

A home ventilation system replaces the need for conventional old filters and dehumidifiers to ensure clean, fresh air flows throughout the home, providing HVAC clean systems that are both energy efficient and cost effective.

Ductwork – at DEPCO Comfort, we carry an array of high-tech HEPA products designed to increase the efficiency of home heating & cooling systems.  A series of air ducts can be retrofitted to a building or installed throughout the building process, delivering a continuous supply of fresh air.   Our expert certified HVAC technicians will replace or install air filters and ductwork for energy efficient, clean indoor air quality.

(HVAC) Ductwork Cleaning & Decontamination – involves the removal of contaminants from an existing HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system.   Eliminating bacteria, mold, fungus from air while restoring the HVAC system’s capacity to function more efficiently, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills.

Home Ventilation Systems – carrying a large assortment of ventilation control systems we work to provide a “clean air”, healthy environment.  DEPCO technicians are trained to work on new construction or on tightly build, inadequately ventilated homes to make them more energy-efficient while allowing clean air ventilation.  This helps keep the clean air flowing while expelling harmful pollutants out of your environment.  Our certified technician’s will work with you to find the correct ventilation system for your building.

DEPCO Comfort’s Home Ventilation, Ductwork & Indoor Air Quality products & services:

HVAC Contractor, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Air Quality
• Proper home ventilation is not only cost effective; it provides a cleaner
indoor environment    
Ductwork Design, Fabrication, Installation & Cleaning
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) providing high-tech HEPA filtering products & Services
• Provides a Clean air environment, while eliminating harmful pollutants.
• Clean existing ductwork, restoring HVAC system proper functionality
24 Hour Emergency HVAC Services

DEPCO Comfort Solutions committed to restoring indoor air quality, with quality products & services
for a cleaner, energy-efficient indoor environment.

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